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Gibidi Kuda 200 Swing gate automation Kit (24v)

Gibidi Kuda 200 Swing gate automation Kit (24v)


A Kuda kit contains the following:

1 x PC200 24v control board inc receiver
2 x Kuda rams
1 x 4 Channel Transmitters (433 mHz)
1 x Pair DCF180 Photocells

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  • Description

    Product Description

    This kit is supplied with the PC200 control panel which offers the following features,

    Red warning LEDs for N.C. contacts and for programming.
    Buttons on the circuit board for programming and learning the radio controls.
    Automatic run time learning with simplified procedure.
    On-board radio receiver that can store up to 50 radio controls.
    Control of the radio transmitter channels via jumpers.
    Deceleration during opening and closing.
    Deceleration speed adjustable via DIP switch.
    Stop and motion inversion after intervention of the safety devices.
    Anti-crushing function both at normal speed and in deceleration.
    Amperometric reading of motor absorption for the anti-crushing function adjustable via DIP switch.
    Pedestrian operation with fixed opening of 5 seconds.
    Two N.C. inputs programmable via DIP switch as photocell 1, photocell 2, N.C. frame or as opening device.
    Two possible operating logic’s : step-by-step with stop or condominium select-able via DIP switch.
    Gate phase shift time adjustable via DIP switch.
    Programming of automatic closing and pause time via DIP switch.
    Provision for use with buffer batteries.
    Soft-Start and Soft-Stop to limit mechanical shock.

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